Content marketing: To be or not to be



We hear about content engagement at every event that has got anything to do with brand building. Companies are hiring content writers and editors. The new trend of ‘engagement through content’ is raising more questions than solutions.

Here are some observations from the experience of Team Awesummly :

  1. Should we or not: A lot of companies are currently at the drawing board stage when it comes to content. While businesses that provide content are very keen that clients allocate more resources to creating original content, the truth is that clients are taking their time. They are internally deliberating the method to be used. They are currently finding out best practices.
  2. The trouble with procrastination: Honestly, days of procrastination are over. You may want to be cautious and look at best practices. However, businesses that are successfully using content are most likely to be in some other sector. There are very ‘like-to-like’ precedents. If there are, they are already several steps ahead of you. The time spent on internally debating it will only make the decision difficult.
  3. What should marketers do: As someone who wants to sell content to businesses, I would be happy to see a sharp spurt in the money spent on it. But, I would suggest starting small. Try out a few things. For example, December 2015 could be a great month to push out content related to holidays, festive season, family reunions, parties, look back at the year gone by or look forward to the New Year. The focus should be on giving something that makes a difference to your audience. Trust me, your brand automatically gets pushed if people read, watch or listen to your content.
  4. How do we get started: The simplest approach is to figure out 20 keywords related to your business. Take a look at events that influence your target group this month. For example, if you are a food or beverage company, your advertising campaign is most likely to focus on being together with family. You could focus on some interesting information on wines or cheese. Remember, you want your content to be used by the TG to look smart among friends and family. So, it’s a good idea to make the TG feel that you are working at it.
  5. Is it another campaign: The answer to this is a resounding ‘no’. Do not think of this as an advertising campaign. Do not involve advertising people here. Engagement is not advertising. The fundamental difference is that an advertising campaign ends. Your engagement does not. Use your blog or social media channels to simply push the useful content that you create through the year. Once you start this, you need to continue this iteration each month.


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