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Why are people not reading news these days? There might be many reasons for this but I think the main reason is time. Due to their hectic schedule, people don’t get time to watch news on TV or to read newspaper.

First Question comes, Why is NEWS important? The world is changing constantly and it is necessary to stay updated with the events happening around us. Modern world values people with up-to-date information. If people are not regularly reading news, they would be incognizant of various events taking place that have an impact on their lives. Reading provokes questioning and helps in generating ideas.

Benefits of Reading News

  • Reading news helps people to not only broaden their knowledge but also to enhance their vocabulary & language skills.
  • Reading news keeps you well informed the advancements in business, economy, education, science, research, sports, entertainment, trade and commerce.
  • It enables us to participate in discussions pertaining to current affairs.
  • Reading news is a good habit. People who often read news are good at developing their opinions.
  • You can relate to views of other people, understand their perspective.
  • It sharpens your thinking skills.
  • It helps you move easily with the changing times.

I have seen many people who suggest not to read news. According to them, reading news is just a waste of time. The reason being that news of rape, murder, kidnapping, blasts don’t let you sleep well. True, but avoiding them is not the solution to the problems of the world around you.

According to me, awareness is the key to defense. Don’t turn your head away, face the reality of the world.

Sources of News

There are a variety of ways people can access news.

Smartphones and Television are the most popular ways of reading news on a daily basis. Apparently, news from TV is still in the lead everywhere except for US, Australia, Denmark and Finland.

Radio is also one of the sources of consuming news.
Newspapers are the best source of information but due to advancement in technology, Social media is taking over newspapers as a news outlet.

The most useful source for accessing news is a Smartphone. Smartphones today are the need of the hour. Almost everybody has a smartphone. Usually, we skip reading newspapers due to lack of time and we remain unaware of the things happening in or outside the world. However, as social media is taking over print media, a lot of smartphone applications have become available to help you consume summarized news with style and convenience.

Every smartphone holder who doesn’t get time to read newspapers or watch television can easily download news apps from the application store and access news anywhere, anytime.

Problems people face while reading News

People find reading lengthy News articles painful and time-consuming on their smartphone. Moreover, due to having busy schedule News readers find themselves helpless while consuming all the News for a day.

How Awesummly is helping people to read news in short span of time

Awesummly is an India’s first automated News summary product which aggregates Multilingual news articles across the globe and summarizes them algorithmically to enable people reading news summary of their interest in their language at realtime. We have built our in-house technology for summarising the multilingual (22+ international languages) articles for multiple countries (40+ countries) at realtime. Now people can feel free to read all short news at realtime at our Android App.

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Team Awesummly is striving hard to improve users experience while reading Short News articles on their smartphones.

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