Sushant Singh Rajput has delivered a captain’s innings in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. We tried to find out few best scenes but it’s hard to pick a few best.

The very first scene, where Dhoni walks out of the pavilion, to play his superlative innings. Sushant’s body language and mannerisms were perfect…the way he walked slowly towards the field, with his bat kept under his arms!

His exams are going on at his place, but he cannot afford to miss the cricket practice session held everyday at a different location. So he finishes the 3 hour paper in 2 and a 1/2 hours, to catch the train every day. The pic shows Mahi rushing to the railway station, during one of those days!

Dhoni becomes quite popular and to avoid getting mobbed by his fans, he wears a helmet while meeting his girlfriend Priyanka at her place!

Dhoni talking over phone to his first girlfriend, Priyanka, when the later expresses her love for him, but he never does that. She asks him repeately, whether they’ve enough time in their life. She also asks him what he would like to have on the Valentine’s day as a gift, and he replies that he would have a wristwatch. When she asks him what would he be gifting her, he says, on a lighter note, that he doesn’t believe in such days like Valentine’s day. However, he buys a beautiful gift for her and packs it in his suitcase!

Life gets hectic for Dhoni, after he joins railways as TTE, and one such day, he realises what he actually wants to do in life and catches the train to his home town Ranchi, leaving the job behind!

How can we not mention the last scene, the scene where Dhoni hits the winning shot to lift the World Cup Finals in 2011!


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