You might have seen many faux pas in bank robberies but if you have seen ‘Shor In The City’, then you will know that one by Mandook was the mother of all. You might have loved the movie ‘3 Idiots’ but you would have laughed your guts out when you heard the line, “Bhagwaan, Maalti aur Sangeeta ko apni behen ki nazar se dekhunga, bas result sambhal lena”. With his impeccable comic timing and character-driven approach towards acting, Pitobash Tripathi has left an indelible mark.

Bhagwaan, Maalti aur Sangeeta ko apni behen ki nazar se dekhunga, bas result sambhal lena – 3 idiots

But the actor seems to have completely nailed it with a stellar performance in ‘Begum Jaan’ as Surjeet, opposite none other than gorgeous Gauhar Khan. There is no denying that he did full justice to the role but when asked to describe his performance in one word, his fans showered him with all kinds of superlatives — “mindblowing”, “outstanding”, “strong acting, “khatarnaak acting bhai”, “faadu acting” and “bhokaali”.

Begum Jaan

That’s not all. Pitobash is set to make a mark in the west too. For the same, he has been seeking advice from the star in his own right — Irrfan Khan, who he also considers his role model. At the moment, ‘Shor In The City’ actor from Bhubaneswar, is working on a U.S. sitcom series — ‘Metropark’, alongside Ranvir Shorey, Vega Tamotia and Purbi Joshi, which is set to release this year. His two Bollywood films ‘MoM’ and ‘T For Tajmahal’ will also hit the theatres this year.

Mandook in Shor In The City

Looks like the lady luck is extremely pleased with Tripathi! His kitty is full with not just Bollywood films but also Hollywood offers. But that has not happened overnight. From juggling between engineering and theatre to taking up low-paying assignments and losing weight to fit in the roles, he has done it all just to follow his dream. In a candid chat with Awesummly, he takes us through his journey that has a flying start, exciting progress, and promising future too.

Because of his engineering background, people tend to misunderstand that Pitobash suddenly changed his profession from an engineer to an actor but that is not really the case. “From an early age, I wanted to be an actor. Engineering was my backup plan. Which is why, along with engineering, I used to do professional theatre. After graduation, I went on to join FTII, Pune, to acquire a degree in acting,” he informs.

We heard a lot about the critically acclaimed movie ‘I am Kalam’, produced by an NGO. When asked about his experience of working in the movie, Pitobash says –

“Every individual has some responsibility towards the society and for an artiste, it is even more. When I read the script of ‘I am Kalam’, I loved it. In a beautiful manner, the story talks about the importance of education and underlines the problem of child labour. The film was produced by Smile Foundation to create awareness about the aforementioned causes. Since the production house was an NGO, they had limited funds to make the film. Though the film didn’t offer much in terms of money, but it was more than enough to satisfy the creative side of me and that’s what made me do this film. Moreover, I thought this could be my opportunity to give back to the society and my country.”

I am Kalam

Pitobash is one of the most versatile actors in the industry. Just to sport a skinny look of a goon, he lost 7–8 kgs in a month’s time for his role in Shanghai. About the same, Pitobash reveals –

“I always try and change myself for my role in every film so as to fit into the character’s shoes rather than looking the same in every film. My fans should be able to see the character in the film and not Pitobash.”


When asked about his thoughts on commercialisation of cinema, Pitobash replies, “Cinema is the most expensive art form. So, commerce is always attached to it. It will be wrong to say that commercialisation kills the essence of cinema. Commerce is an integral part of filmmaking from day one. I will share with you one conversation of mine with my dear friend and co- actor in ‘Million Dollar Arm’, late Bill Paxton. He told me that in Hollywood, whenever you ask someone the question ‘what do you do?’, they say they are in ‘movie business.’ The statement itself gives away that yes, it is the cinema but you invest a lot of money to make a film and like a normal businessman, you also need a good return on investment so as to be able to make another movie,” he recounts.

In his opinion, the policy of the business is that in the name of commerce, you cannot make trash. He adds, “You have to make something good and then only you will get back your money to make another one. What do you think; ‘Guide’, ‘Pyasa’, ‘Jewel Thief’ are not commercial films? They are but at the same time, they are a piece of art as well. So, in the name of commercial films, making trash films and blaming it on commerce is not right,” he elaborates.

Just so you know, it wasn’t easy for him to grab the role of Amit in ‘Million Dollar Arm’. It took two and a half months and 16 rounds of audition for him to get this role.

Million Dollar Arm

It is not just acting that gets his creative juices flowing. When not working, this multi-faceted actor also likes to spend his time reading, listening to music and sometimes humming with his guitar. He even loves cooking and mind you, he is a really good cook! But unfortunately for ladies, he doesn’t plan to get hitched anytime soon.


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