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We did a survey and found that about 89% people just read the title or few lines of news, articles, movie review etc. just because it’s too lengthy or they don’t have that much time. To solve this we build an application called Awesummly that helps you find the relevant news according to your interest, just in 60 words and faster than any other app.

And now Awesummly is Introducing Awesome short movie reviews at your fingertips.

To get you started here are reviews of all the current movies near you in theaters. Enjoy! 🙂

Jagga Jasoos — A daring and beautiful attempt gone in vain

Jagga Jasoos A spy-adventure from a comic book, where the main character is looking for his lost father and inadvertently stumbles upon an illegal arms trade. For a film industry that adheres to certain rules of using music, Jagga Jasoos is an undeniable experiment. The films unfolds as she narrates stories from the book, and we’re pulled into Jagga’s (Ranbir) world of makeshift houses, merry characters and rhyming dialogue.

Munna Michael — Give this one a miss

He shakes a leg again in Munna Michael after almost three decades, and that makes for a promising opening in the movie. His character believes Michael lives forever, but getting thrown out of his dancing troupe, wavers his faith in dancing as a profession. Like typical Bollywood kids, this one too grows up to become Munna, a super dancer, in one song. Now, it’s finally a film where everybody would look disinterested and jump on a chance to break into a song.

Lipstick Under My Burkha — It’s a brave and fun film

The burkha in Lipstick Under My Burkha must be viewed with all the baggage the word carries. Burkha here is a reference both to the piece of clothing and the curtaining off of a woman’s dreams, desires and feelings. Lipstick Under My Burkha, to be fair, is a vastly evolved film and those jarring references are fleeting. The smooth writing of Lipstick Under My Burkha is credited to Shrivastava, Suhani Kanwar and Gazal Dhaliwal (dialogue). It’s a must watch.

Dunkirk — ‘Dunkirk’ Is a Tour de Force War Movie, Both Sweeping and Intimate

One of the most indelible images in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s brilliant new film, is of a British plane in flames. The plane, having glided to a stop, has been defiantly set ablaze by the pilot to avoid its being captured. It’s an image of unambiguous defeat but also an emblem of resistance and a portent of the ghastly conflagrations still to come. Dunkirk is one of the greatest war movies ever made — it’s certainly the tightest, most unwaveringly propulsive film of Christopher Nolan’s career.

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