Today, Roger Federer is one win from a historic eighth Wimbledon title after beating Czech 11th seed Tomas Berdych in straight sets in the semi-final of Wimbledon 2017.

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No.5 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Federer has won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, the most in history for a male tennis player, and held the world No.1 spot in the ATP rankings for a record total of 302 weeks.

So, Is Roger Federer the greatest men’s tennis player of all-time?

Roger Federer has won 18 Grand Slam singles titles. Yet, when it comes to being considered the Greatest Player of All Time, the debate between Federer and Rafael Nadal continues to rage on and probably will for a long time to come.

The Swiss maestro, himself, acknowledged the fact when he was asked about the same in Halle following his loss to Tommy Haas in three sets.

‘If I win every tournament from here going forward for the next 10 years, I might be considered the best ever, yes. But otherwise there will still be the debate because I didn’t do things when I was 15 years old or I didn’t do things in the middle. I can only do as well as I can. At the end, I am very happy with my career. I totally over-achieved on everything, so to be quite honest it’s not that important to be considered the best ever. I can only do the best I can.’

Nadal’s win at the French Open was his 15th Grand Slam title and puts him within three Slams of Federer’s all-time record but the Spaniard has a five-year advantage over Federer.

It’s the consistency of Federer at the highest level that seals his spot as the greatest. While in his prime, he set a record streak of reaching 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals and 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals. Even when not at his imperious best, Federer was still always too good for all bar the elite.

What other tennis stars have to say about Roger

What he’s done over the past five years has never, ever been done — and probably will never, ever happen again. Regardless if he won there or not, he goes down as the greatest ever. This just confirms it. Now that he has won in Paris, I think it just more solidifies his place in history as the greatest player that played the game, in my opinion. I’m a huge Laver fan, and he had a few years in there where he didn’t have an opportunity to win majors. But you can’t compare the eras. And in this era, the competition is much more fierce than Rod’s -Pete Sampers

Today I was playing my best tennis, trying lots of different things, but nothing worked. When you’re playing like that and he still comes up with all those great shots you really have to wonder if he’s even from the same planet -Novak Djokovic, after Davis Cup match

I can cry like Roger, it’s just a shame I can’t play like him -Andy Murray, after losing to Federer in the Australian Open 2010’s final.

Federer is the best player in history, no other player has ever had such quality -Rafael Nadal, after winning French Open 2006.

Roger Federer is the most versatile player ever. His one-handed backhand is a classic, and his forehand is one of the greatest shots in tennis, according to Pete Sampras. He controls every element in today’s tennis, such as the backhand smash and skyhook, half-volley and jump smash. And if that’s not enough, he has the character of a champion, as we all witnessed in the 2017 Australian Open final.

Federer’s consistent supremacy for almost 15 years in a marvellous era leave him alone at the pinnacle of the men’s game.

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