The seventh season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is here and people are desperately waiting for the next episode. But the question is — should you watch it?

With the Game Of Thrones fan base growing quicker than acne on a teenagers face, it’s no surprise why everywhere you go people are talking about it. What’s worse, if you tell people you haven’t seen it, they stare at you like an alien from another galaxy.

Here are our top 5 reasons to not watch GOT

1. All Men Must Die

The show’s obsession with killing off its characters is comparable to the grim reaper on speed! If you’re the sort who adores the characters in the show you watch, this show is your personal nightmare. Anyone can die at any time, for any reason, by anyone!

2. Long Time No See

With a cast and crew that add up to the population of a small country, this series takes a year to spew out a paltry 10 episodes. And with the show being beyond brilliant you’re always pining for more. So if you mind waiting like a horny man in a long distance relationship, then this show isn’t your cup of tea!

3. The Sexposition

We cannot deny that we all enjoy watching sex scenes but Game of Thrones has taken it to a new level and which is quite brutal. The show clearly wants to send a message that how brutal the medieval era was. Too much of sex! And to make things worse, there isn’t only consensual sex, there is rape and lot of scenes as well. In short, the show wants to show that in Medieval Europe, women were treated as objects to be used. So, a little piece of advice — don’t you dare to watch this show with your parents

4. Spoilt For Spoilers

Being such a widely watched show which the internet has completely adopted, you better be ready to watch the show as soon as it is aired. The internet swells up with an assault of spoilers as soon as the damn thing is aired. So if you don’t want to spend terrified mornings where you shun yourself from all of the internet till you see the show, then we suggest you try something else.

5. Who, What, When, Where? WTF is happening!

With a cast that could double as an army, a script that could literally stretch for miles and umpteen kingdoms with complicated names and languages, the show really gives your memory a run for its money.

If you don’t agree with our reasons, comment below yours. For more news and update download Awesummly App


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