Bareilly Ki Barfi movie review

Bareilly Ki Barfi is reportedly an official adaptation of the French book ‘Ingredients of Love’. It is a character-driven rom com set in the amazing town of Bareilly. We will give you a cue — love triangle. It’s like a typical desi dessert that serves your sweet tooth but may result in adding a few pounds that you would certainly not mind. This is an entertaining, romantic film laced with humour and feel-good moments. Watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the movie and have a great weekend from the awesummly team

Annabelle: Creation movie review — Genuinely creepy

While the title makes clear that this is an origin story for one of the creepiest dolls in film history, it also sets up its own characters and universe. Directed by Lights Out director David F. Sandberg, the film does not have a brilliant script but the execution makes it one of the scariest films off late. Annabelle: Creation makes you fear the doll again and this time for genuine, wit-numbing reason. There comes a time when you actually want to get up and leave the theater to get hold of the normal things going around you. For all the Conjuring fans out there Annabelle has a surprize for you.

PS: Watch out for the post credit scene

VIP 2: Lalkar Movie Review

VIP 2 banks entirely on the star power of lead actor Dhanush and the novelty of a semi-retired Kajol assuming the persona of a formidable foe. Directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth, the sequel to Velraj’s winsome Tamil hit Velaiilla Pattadhari neither retains the footloose humour nor the populist fervour of its predecessor. Ten minutes into its sequel and we’re pleasantly reminded that the first film was as much about its supporting characters as it was about Dhanush. Don’t watch this if you’re not a fan of Dhanush or if Michael Bay movies irritate you.

You can go ahead, watch the film and add one more reason to regret to the diary of ‘Bad choices’ in your life.

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