If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality

Are you a student in a college with grand ideas and big dreams?Are you waiting for an opportunity to prove yourself and make an impact? If yes, the Awesummly Campus Ambassador Programme could be for you(link).

Be the face of Awesummly in your Campus and stand a chance to win a cash Prize worth Rs 5000 or a fully sponsored trip.


Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic students, hardworking and motivated students by giving them an opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership skills by representing awesummly on their College campus.

About Us:

Awesummly is India’s first AI powered fastest short news app. It brings news from around the world and multiple sources to the users in less than 80 words and that too at real time. Awesummly is the fastest short news app in India. Awesummly brings short news instantly from around the world and at real-time.

It will help you build your personal feed with the news you are interested in. Cricket live will take your cricket experience to the next level from live scores and commentary to live score notification. Above all, Awesummly is a complete ad free platform

Role and responsibilities:

  1. Spread the word and grow the Awesummly community in campus
  2. Promote scheduled on-campus events via college fest and events with support from our management team
  3. Execute campus specific promotions via social media. Gather and present the feedback. Get the desired number of downloads and review done to unlock the next house(level).
  4. Create one-of-a-kind experiences to generate buzz, boost brand awareness and build student loyalty.

Rewards and incentives:

  1. A prestigious certificate and top performers will also get letter of recommendation from Awesummly
  2. Performance based financial incentives and Awesummly goodies.

House Stark: Get 5 people to sign up for the campus ambassador and unlock the awesummly goodies(or gift vouchers). To be a part of this house, You must tell your friends to write your full name while answering “How do you know about Awesummly Campus Ambassador Program?” in the campus ambassador form.

House Lannister: Get 75+ downloads to unlock Awesummly goodies and Cash prize of Rs. 1000

House Targaryen: Get 150+ downloads to unlock Awesummly goodies and Cash prize of Rs. 2000.

Top performer with the highest number of downloads and review would get the prize worth Rs5000/- or a fully sponsored trip.

  1. Top 10 performers to be interviewed for an internship with Awesummly.

Learning opportunities:

  1. The Campus Ambassador Program will give you an opportunity to sharpen your marketing and communication skills
  2. You will participate in learning tracks created just for you on topics like digital marketing to entrepreneurship etc.

Selection procedure:

  1. Shortlisting candidates on the basis of form
  2. Final selection on the basis of telephonic interview

So, what are you waiting for?

Be a part of this awesome event by filling the form and moving one step closer to this kickass opportunity.

Click here to fill the form!




For more updates and latest news, download the awesummly app now.


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